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Journey with ME

Certified Health Coach & Transformation Strategist 

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Just a little over two years (8/04/2016) after my brain tumor removal surgery (Craniectomy) benign tumor in the cerebellum area on the left side of my brain (size est. golf ball), I discovered information to help me with my healing. All my pre-surgery chronic pain and symptoms returned. There were numerous doctor visits to the different neurologists and E.R. visits. My research led me to seek alternative therapies to help improve the symptoms: Chronic Cluster Headaches, Cerebellar Cognitive Affective Syndrome (CCAS), and Acute Cerebellar Ataxia. My sixth neurologist eventually validated these diagnoses. I have experienced executive function impairments for the past six years, including planning, set-shifting, abstract reasoning, verbal fluency, and working memory, distractibility, and inattention. Language problems include my inability to use words in grammatical sequence, and often feeling as though I have the word on the tip of my tongue but cannot recall it. Deficits in spatial cognition produce my ability to process visual stimuli to comprehend relationships between objects (judgement of distances) and impaired visual-spatial memory. My personality changed manifesting as blunting of effect that cause me to have non-emotional reactions, risky behavior, poor decision-making, more argumentative and disregard for social subtleties that resulted in behavior that was not the Old Rhonda.


Six-year later, with a heart of resilience and the acceptance of my reimaged authentic self, I am so grateful. The Lord has placed a variety of people for support in my life. My family, friends, pastor/church members, clinicians, and even strangers have made a difference in my journey to recovery.


Trusting God, putting God first and taking control led me on a better path for my Healing, Restoration, and LIFE.


December 31, 2022, I completed the 100 Days Believing BIGGER faith/biblical based Destiny Collective (DC) Program, created by Marshawn Evans Daniels help me move forward with Godfidence a feeling coined by Marshawn an amazing daughter of God.  Thank you for this time with you and the DC Sisters.

 Joshua 1:9 AMP – “Have not I commanded you? Be strong, vigorous, and very courageous. Be not afraid, neither be dismayed, for the Lord you God is with you where you go”.

The Wellness of M.E. Transform B.Y. Trauma (T B.Y. T) coaching program where transformation empowerment is my vision. I have experienced, You'll "Never be the Same" after any health trauma. My mission will be to coach and facilitate support healing circles and provide awareness/educational opportunities and resources for women impacted by health trauma. TBYT's focal point will be on the four B.Y. stages: Brave YOU – Every Step Forward; Better YOU - Rediscovery Process; Best YOU – Reimagined /Purpose Clarity; Brighter YOU - Renewed and Restored. With transformation empowerment you can showcasing the new you and sharing your story with other women who have been affected by health trauma. 

"Your Voice Unlocks the Greater Purpose and Possibility in Others" Marshawn

Benefits of the Discovery Call

Getting to know a little bit about Your Story!

Meeting You where you are! 

Stage 1 - Brave You!

Stage 2 - Better You! 

Stage 3 -Best You!

Stage 4 -Brighter You!


Is the T B.Y.T Program for You?

This is NOT Therapy! However, You’ll Receive Experiential - Coaching – Advocacy – Support/ Sharing of Lived Experiences- Community & Resources

Schedule a Free 30-minute Discovery Call session

Your First Step 

As your Coach, I will focus primarily on the present and assist you with developing a transformation plan.


We will identify your strengths in each of the Transform B.Y. Trauma stages to plan for lifestyle changes to work toward overall transformation goals.

Coming SOON

More of the Story
My Transformational Healing Journey

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