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Transform B.Y. Trauma

6 Months Coaching Program

Wellness of ME - Heal Your Soul through the Transform B.Y. Trauma Stage(s) Process

Stage 1: Brave YOU

Moving Every Step Forward

The Event – Understanding What Just Happened

Dealing with Repressed Emotion

Journey to Recovery-The Pathway to the New You

Your Tribe – Identify - Practitioners, Support & Community

Power of Gratitude – Focusing on the Good Stuff

Mind, Body & Soul - Spiritual Connection

Stage 2: Better YOU

Rediscovery Process-Purpose Clarity

The Event – Exploration What Just Happened

Release Negative Emotions; Emotional Exhaustion; Trapped Emotions

Journey to Recovery-The Pathway to Purpose Clarity

The Tribe- Select - Practitioners, Support & Community

Mindset Empowerment- Power of Gratitude

Mind, Body & Soul- Spiritual Relationship

Stage 3: Best YOU - Reimagined

Living your best life while making a meaningful difference

The Event – Processing What Just Happened

Emotional Turbulence & RAIN: Mindfulness Practice

Journey to Recovery - Expectations of the New You

Your Tribe–Collaborate-Practitioners, Support &Community

Mindset Empowerment-Being Present

Mind, Body & Soul-Spiritual Growth

Stage 4: Brighter YOU

Showcasing a renewed and restored YOU while

sharing your story

The Event – Acceptance What Just Happened

Coping with Emotional Pain & Building Better Mental Health

Journey to Recovery-The Pathway to the Resilient YOU

Your Tribe – Cultivate- Practitioners, Support & Community

Mindset Empowerment - Health Lifestyle

Mind, Body & Soul - Spiritual Consistency

Benefits of T B.Y. T Coaching

As your Health Coach and Transformation Strategist, we will:

Explore purpose, enlighten potential, and encourage uplifting behaviors and mindsets to assist you in the transformation journey

Be your purpose thought partner during our time together

You will complete the program feeling excited about wearing the new you and empowered to embrace your transformation while living a purpose-focused and healthier lifestyle. I will focus on the whole person from a holistic perspective while helping you build, develop, and nourish yourself with the primary foods (spirituality, career/purpose, physical activity, healthy eating, and relationships) throughout the 4 T B.Y. T Stages of your healing transformation journey.

Help you identify the right accountability partner



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