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Transformational Living

Trauma Affect & Trauma Effect - Finding Your Way:  Transition to Transformation Journey After a Health Crisis

Transform B.Y. Trauma
Coaching Program Objectives


  1. Recovery Transformation Plan – Preparation, Creation, Readiness

  2. Purpose Clarity - Realignment for the New You

  3. Mindfulness – Intentional Lifestyle - Self-Care; Self -Advocacy, Supportive Relationships


Power Up! Level Up! Show Up! – Acceptance of the New You!

Key Outcome

Feeling empowered and excited about “Wearing the New You” by embracing your transformation while living a purposed focused healthy lifestyle.


Transformational Living Wellness of ME Community 

When joining the Wellness of Me (WOM) Community, you will connect with women who have lived experiences of faith, survival, hope, resilience, and courage on their healing journey in the present and past. Our community is a safe place to feel supported at each stage of your journey.


  • Stage 1: Brave YOU – Moving Every Step Forward

  • Stage 2: Better YOU – Rediscovery Process & Purpose Clarity

  • Stage 3: Best YOU – Reimagined Living

  • Stage 4: Brighter YOU – Renewed and Restored


WOM community will inspire you to share your wellness truth while being encouraged to continue to embrace the New You, showcasing “Transformation Empowerment “that has healed your mind, body, spirit, and soul.

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