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In late August 2016, I experienced a major health crisis and was diagnosed with a brain tumor that forever changed my life. Everything I had known, including my successful career for over 30 years, seemed to crumble before my eyes. The functioning of my brain, once sharp and competent, was now altered and disrupted.

Alongside the cognitive challenges, I battled with excruciating headaches that grew increasingly debilitating and frequent. It felt as if the very essence of who I was had been shaken to its core. The aftermath of the tumor

surgery left me dealing with a new reality, one that I was determined to navigate and conquer.

In 2017, a year after my brain tumor surgery, I received a diagnosis of cluster headaches. Looking back, I

realized that my first cluster headache occurred over 30 years ago. However, it was only after experiencing a

season of chronic cluster headaches and other related symptoms

Rhonda Cowan

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